The aims of this site are to:

  • Promote responsible, ethical and legal GTP keeping and breeding in Australia
  • Dispel many of the myths surronding GTPs
  • Describe the different 'types' of GTPs available in Australia
  • Provide information on choosing a quality GTP
  • Collate GTP references including books, articles, interviews etc

This site does not aim to promote any individuals or businesses.


Who are we?

This website's content has been provided and supported by a range of GTP keepers, breeders and researchers including:

Brian Champion, Michael Cermak, Ryan Stacey, Andrew Owen, Russell Grant, James Lyon, Michael Austen, Matthew Wolland, Kayne Wolland, Daniel Natusch.

There are various ways to keep GTPs successfully and different people may have different keeping styles - as a result you may find several options for some aspects described here.

Green tree python types